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Nationwide supplier of speciality and seasonal produce.

Speciality Produce Limited is a grower owned and managed fruit and vegetable producing co-operative.

We specialise in the following areas: Extended season produce, speciality herbs, multi leaf salads and strawberry production, covering the whole of the UK.

Speciality Produce Limited is a grower owned company formed in 1998 by group of growers in Kent who wanted to take control of their own marketing. The company has expanded to include major production areas in Lincolnshire and Hereford. The company is wholly grower owned and operates to provide its member with opportunities for business growth.

Speciality Produce Limited has a turnover of approximately £40m and a permanent staff of some 30 people. The company assists its members in the production of high quality fruit and vegetables by providing them with central resources in the form of services and capital equipment.

  • Contact:

    1-2 North End,
    PE20 3LR

    Telephone: 01205 821122
    Fax: 01205 821221

  • Personnel:

    Managing Director - Charlie Woods

    Technical Manager - David Kennedy

    Company Secretary/HR - Sasha Woods

    Office Manager - Justine Stimson

    Accounts - Melloney Atkins

    Sales Database Administrator -
    Barry Shafe