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As we continue to improve and grow, environmental impacts are always considered. Many environmental initiatives such as the creation of wetland habitats, the planting and maintenance of hedges and trees and farmland biodiversity have been instigated by our members.

Utilising Geographical Strengths

Our growers have a wealth of experience in farming while always embracing new scientific breakthroughs. This wealth of knowledge and experience has ensured that our crops are grown in optimum conditions by harnessing the environmental benefits of the area.

  • Lincolnshire (Calcareous Alluvial Gley Soil), slow growth with cooler coastal regions aids tipburn and field standing which optimises mid-season availability.
  • Kent and Herefordshire (Sandy Loam), better infiltration and drainage than silty soils and are easier to cultivate than clay soils.

By matching the crop with production region, season, production techniques and the skills and resources of the grower, Speciality Produce Limited can be seen as working with the environment.

Reduction of Resources

The understanding of the environment along with modern farming practices such as state of the art computerised water and irrigation systems has allowed us to continue to reduce our water and electric consumption as well as the amount of plant protection products that we use, whilst making an active effort to increase recycling wherever possible.

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