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Welcome to SPL

Speciality Produce Limited is a service company created to benefit its members

About Us

Here at Speciality Produce Limited, our mission is to create and maintain profitable and sustainable markets for our members' products.

We are a grower-owned horticultural co-operative, formed in 1998 by group of growers in Kent who wanted to take control of their own marketing and access Producer Organisation (PO) Funding. The company has since expanded to include major production areas in Lincolnshire and Herefordshire. Our members use leading-edge growing techniques to produce a wide range of soft fruit, salads, and herbs for supermarkets and food service companies.

At Speciality Produce Limited, we strive to:
• Place our members' products onto these markets in the most effective manner.
• Create, develop, and maintain an industry-leading technical function.
• Reduce the production costs of our members' crops.
• Concentrate supply where possible to reduce costs and strengthen the market position of Speciality Produce Limited.
• Promote an environmentally responsible approach to the production, packing, distribution, and marketing of our members' products.

Speciality Produce Limited has a turnover of approximately £80m and a permanent staff of some 50 people. The company assists its members in the production of high-quality fruit and vegetables by providing them with central resources in the form of services and capital equipment.

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