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Welcome to SPL

Speciality Produce Limited is a service company created to benefit its members

Speciality Produce Limited have earned a reputation for the supply of a wide range consistently high-quality produce and have an established track record in delivering these to the customer in a form that complies with all accepted standards of best practice within the industry.

Technical Structure

Company Technical Manager: Is responsible for the development and implementation of the company technical strategy and the management of all technical staff.

Site Technical Managers: Each main supply site has its own technical team, who are accountable for the application of technical standards to the production environment.

Technical Systems

Standards: We have Group Technical and Environmental standards which all members are required to comply with and which they are audited against annually. All Speciality Produce Limited members are members of the Assured Produce Scheme/LEAF, and where appropriate, the SEDEX ethical database exchange. They are also certified under a range of other customer and industry schemes.


We have the technical capabilities, as well as the latest machinery, to be able to prepare and pack our produce to almost any specification that the customer could request; this includes preparation level, pack sizes, and packaging materials. Speciality Produce Limited can offer manual and automated packing options, up to and including the ability to produce high care/ready to eat fruit and vegetables.

• Prepared/Ready to Eat Foods: Within Speciality Produce Limited, we have the capability to cut, wash, UV treat, chop, trim, and handle all our produce. Using a highly trained and skilled workforce, we are able to supply a wide range of single and mixed ready to eat products.

• Foreign Partners: These high standards and procedures are also required and applied to all of our foreign growing partners, ensuring that the entire Speciality Produce Limited product range remains consistently high, no matter the time of the year.

Production Summary

Leading standards ensure that everything from the crop planning stage, the technical requirements for harvesting and packing, and the reduction of contamination and residue levels are continuing to improve.

Our members are some of the most advanced producers in the UK who utilise the latest farming techniques. While striving for premium, quality produce, Speciality Produce Limited always endeavours to keep costs at a minimum to deliver what the customer wants.

Through our technical capabilities and exploitation of the latest machinery, Speciality Produce Limited offer flexibility and an ability to actively listen and deliver our customer’s needs.

This is all achieved with consideration and installation of environmental initiatives.

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