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Welcome to SPL

Speciality Produce Limited is a service company created to benefit its members

Producer Organisation

Speciality Produce Limited has been a recognised Producer Organisation (PO) since its inception.

As such, we have access to matched EU grant funding in key areas listed below that assist the group in improving its infrastructure. This enables our members to continue to supply customers to the exacting standards of a fast-paced marketplace.

Technical Resources: The technical programme underpinning Speciality Produce Limited is supported by the Producer Organisation, allowing the members access to high quality staff and systems than would otherwise be the case.

Marketing Initiatives: The Producer Organisation supports key marketing initiatives which allow the members access to market information, advice, planning, and feasibility studies.

Research and Development

Much of the research and development carried out across the group is supported by the Producer Organisation.

Capital Projects

The Producer Organisation continues to invest in key capital projects such as improved equipment for soil preparation, crop irrigation and management equipment, and improved post-harvest handling facilities, such as chilling facilities and packing equipment.

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